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Your city guide

You might think you already know all of your cities secrets… But believe us – there are still more hidden places to discover. The skyline on your citybottle shows all: insider tips, opening times of well-known tourist sights, spots right around the corner, and so much more.

Rediscover your favorite city

Our vision: to make all of the knowledge about your city available in one place. Easily accessible, wherever you’re going. We’re able to do it with the help of the QR code at the bottom of the bottle. Undiscovered sights of your city – available at your fingertips.

How to scan the code?

Flip it over

Sometimes, the secrets to your city are so close, yet still hidden under your bottle. Once it’s turned over, the QR code becomes visible. And voila, the ticket to the city guide of your city!

Are you interested in all the features and materials of your citybottle? Start discovering on the sub-page „bottle“


Scan the QR code with your smartphone to get all the details about your city. This can be done either directly through your camera app or downloaded through a scanning app in the app store.


Let’s get digital: experience your favorite city like never before. We’ll show you where to refill your citybottles on your big excursion (for free) and which places of interest are actually worth seeing. Welcome to your city tour 2.0.

Discover new cities

The city guide

One swipe …

Inside the city guide you’ll find a motif of your city skyline. Guide through it by moving around with your fingers and tap to further explore the individual buildings. The place you are currently standing is highlighted in white. You want to know how far it is to the next attraction? No problem – this info is also a tap away.

… all the information …

Once opened, the city guide offers everything you need for your trip. Pictures, information, facts and locations – all clearly arranged and to be seen at a glance.

… and free drinking water

We’ve thought of it all: The menu-point labeled “more” is actually a map for thirsty travelers. Here you’ll find all free water refill stations in your city. This way, you won’t be tempted to buy a disposable bottle.