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How to scan a QR-code?

The City Guide QR-code is located at the bottom of the bottle.

iPhone & iPad

installed in your camera app. All you need to do is open the camera mode and point the phone towards the QR code. As soon as the code has been recognized, a message with the URL appears at the top of your display – just click on it to open your city guide.

Your version of iOS is slightly older? Just download an app for scanning QR codes in your App Store. Now scan the QR-code, as described in the app.

Android devices

Some manufacturers already pre-installed a QR code scanner on their devices (if you are not sure, try the instructions for iPhones above).

If no scanner is pre-installed, you’ll need to download an app from Google Play Store. Simply search for „QR Code Scanner“ and download an app of your choice. Then open the app and point the phone to the code. Now a link should appear – click on it and your cityguide opens in the browser.